Dr. Jacob Rispler, MD FAAD

Specialization: Dermatology and Laser Treatments
Professional Affiliations: American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, American Society of Photobiology
Education: Medical school at Mt. Sinai in New York, and graduated in 1973
Practice: The Laser and Dermatology Institute of California (LDI)
Website: www.laserhq.com

Dr. Jacob Rispler is a board certified dermatologist practicing in Beverly Hills, Irvine, and Covina, California.  He is also a photo biologist and a laser surgeon who specializes in laser procedures. 

In 1977, Dr. Jacob Rispler founded the Laser & Dermatology Institute (LDI) Laserhq.com. He is recognized as an innovative pioneer in the specialty of laser surgery and has appeared in many publications among local national newspapers, magazines, and medical journals as well as television programs at both the local and national level.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Rispler has brought the latest laser technology and expertise to the field of dermatology and laser surgery. He is passionate about the evolution of dermatology and the latest technology in laser treatments. As an attentive physician, he actively treats his patients using the most effective and efficient medical practices available. Naturally, Dr. Jacob Rispler follows the latest medical advancements in dermatology. As an expert in skin conditions, he is often called upon to treat skin problems that are hard to diagnose.

As a professional, Dr. Jacob Rispler believes in customizing laser treatments to the specific needs of the patient in order to optimize effectiveness. He recognizes that one type of treatment may not be better than another, but that different kinds of treatments can better fit the needs or comfort level of the patient in a given situation. His extensive knowledge, experience, skill and technology enable him to offer the best care possible to his clients.

Dr. Rispler and LDI is one of the few real dermatology offices on the West Coast that specializes in laser treatments.  In fact, only physicians that is certified by the American Board of Dermatology can purchase and operate the FDA approved highest grade lasers to treat the skin. Other physicians and medical spas cannot offer these lasers.  These lasers are very expensive and must be operated by physicians certified by the American Board of Dermatology or by the Dermatologist's trained nurses.  View the video below by CNN for a better understanding about laser treatments offered by unqualified offices and persons.

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Knowledge and Skill
Personal skills
Office Staff
Shirley Tsu (monterey park, CA) – March 31, 2008
I had my acne scars done and my tattoo on my back removed. They had this really cool laser that didn't leave that raised scar look like my friends and asian people scar bad. The people were really nice and the Doctor said I had really challenging acne scars. So he did the procedure himself and I have better than expected results. I'm hoping that I can go back for more treatments soon. Seems a bit pricey, but the results are worth it. I don't think I can get the same results anywhere else. Thanks
wledge and Skill
Personal skills
Office Staff
Melissa (Beverly Hills, CA) – February 13, 2008
Awesome Doctor. I had my acne, acne scars, and some wrinkle lines done by Doctor Rispler and the Laser Dermatology Institute. Amazing results. I would do it again and again. Worth every penny. Everytime, I feel safe and I know what kind of results I'm gonna get.
Knowledge and Skill
Personal skills
Office Staff
Juliann (Irvine, CA) – April 18, 2007
The only doctor that helped me. I have seen many many doctors about my acne rosacea. He is the only one that helped me get my life back. I can only say don't make the same mistake that I did. Don't waste your money. Just go and get yourself treated right the first time. All the other places made my face worse and I had to pay more to have it fixed by Doctor Rispler. I am writing this review on his behalf because I have been so dissappointed in the past with other places. Thanks.

The Solution!!!!

10/23/2007 Posted by kdsincali

I went to Dr. Rispler's office in late March as the final and last resort to do something about my acne. I am 28 yrs old and have tried everything, from high end to low end brands... My acne and acne scars which started forming the past 1-2 yrs were horrible. It seemed like everything I tried nothing Really worked the way I wanted. My skin felt irritated, hot underneath, had breakouts in places I haven't had before and just got worse instead of better since I was a teenager. I am soooooo happy to say that Dr. Rispler cured my acne. I have two more laser treatments to go and have been acne free and I mean completely for about 3 months now!!! My family and friends totally noticed and I feel less insecure about my face and spend waaaay less time on makeup. I have to say when I first started my monthly treatments I was worried. I mean this is very costly method and not to mention I had to change my whole face care and take medicine/antibiotics everyday. But it is well worth it and the best thing is I just now started seeing the results and they will get better and better from here. Not only am I acne free but my skin is also smooth and way less acne scarring and a lot more evenness in my skin tone!!! The only negative I can say about Dr. Rispler's office is some of the medical staff, which can be kinda uptight and I especially don't like the whole sales-tactic with the guy that first saw me on my consultation - he doesn't need to sell it like that, it is too pushy. But don't let that deter you, because this works! Also a few of the office staff are actually really nice I have come to find out. Dr. Rispler is a no nonsense kinda of guy and knows what he is doing. He does things his own ways and you have to trust him! I am so thankful I did. I advise anyone that has long term acne to see him. I really wish I could put a before and after pic on here!

Pros: Laser treatments really work! Quick recovery, minimal pain/discomfort, quick results

Cons: some of the office staff, Dr. assistant that is like a salesman, pricey! expensive prescriptions!

Completely Satisfied...No Nonsense

10/03/2006 Posted by honeylopez27

I loved my experience at the Laser Dermatology Institute. It was just no nonsense. I did not have to shop around much for what I knew was the best place for my face. I'm a person that likes good things in life. I like the OC lifestyle and I like nice things. But, I had a problem with my self image. I'm in real estate and I have to always meet people. I was a bit ashamed of my acne and acne scars. I thought my acne was going to stop, but after my 24th birthday I said oh my gosh I better do something about it. I went in for my consultation and they told me exactly what I wanted to hear. It was just so simple. I started right away and now I am acne free and my scars WOW what an improvement. The appointments were easy and I did not have to do much or say much. I was not in the talking mood most of the time, but the staff made me so comfortable and it was quick. I loved the Doctor. He was so straight forward and I really sensed that he wanted to help me. He is serious and he is right on me to make sure I was improving. Thanks LDI. You are one of the nice things and jewels of the OC.

Pros: Great People

Cons: None

Life changing experience.

08/20/2006 Posted by natashamissir

I don't usually ever write reviews, but I really feel compelled to write for this dermatology institute. I've been seeing dermatologists since I was 14 years old. Until one year ago, I can honestly say that my life has changed. I was so sick of going to see Doctor's for dermatology, who would already have a prepared bucket of BHA, & AHA products used in conjunction with Benzol Peroxide. Literally, there would be a bucket filled with miniature products. I spent not even 5 minutes in these doctor's office, and they would tell me that I was beautiful. I was so upset, because that was not the truth. How could they lie to me right in-front of my face. Obviously I was in the dermatologist office because I was hideous that is why I was seeking professional help. They didn't even spend the time to find a specialized solution for me. That is why nothing worked! That is anyway the least of my problems. Two years ago, I found Dr. Rispler and his staff coincidently. Ever since, Dr. Rispler has been working with a combination of laser treatments to really clear my face up. It has literally worked like magic. I was so impressed, even after my first visit. Not only does Dr. Rispler spend time with his patients, but he customizes the perfect solution for your face. I am 100% rid of all my acne and the acne that left scars and crators on my face! I can't thank them enough. It really has changed my life.

Pros: customized solution for your face

Put your best face on --- everyday!

08/11/2006 Posted by joannegraat

Last year, I graduated top of my class in Journalism. Naturally, I thought it would be very easy to get a job as an anchor. eight out of eight interviews, I was told that I would be perfect for the job IF my face was cleared up for the camera. Yes, I was heartbroken, depressed, upset and angry at the world. I tried many topical treatments for years on my acne and I still had breakouts. My major problem became the scars left from acne. At last my education in journalism paid off as I endeavoured to find an answer; to find the truth to help my acne and acne scar. My research ended in laser treatments. I narrowed my search down to two laser clinics. I realized that one of the most important skills I have learned from schooling is to get personal and to really understand the person behind the story. So the most important question for me was: Question: Why are you in this business? Dr. Rispler without hesitation said I was once a child with skin problems, and he is very aware of what that can do to a person. Doctor Rispler has been a dermatologist for 30 years and is a leader, and innovator in safe and effective treatments. Till this day, he is actively helping patients with acne and acne scar. He has seen tens of thousands of patients like myself. We are clearly both passionate about what we do. The other Laser Clinic that I went to ( I won't even mention any names). The persons reply who was going to give the treatment said "there are many people to be helped, and I want to be that person to help." Clearly, they are in it for the money. Clearly, they are not passionate about what they do. Now, 10 months later, after my laser treatments with Dr. Rispler who performed the treatments, I have landed a terrific job! A wonderful lesson learned! Put your best face on --- everyday!

Pros: Experienced, passionate, innovative doctor

Cons: none

My son is a knockout thanks to Doctor Rispler

08/09/2006 Posted by paulagillies64

My son had suffered from acne for almost 3 years. When I was a teen, I too was bullied in school for having the worst acne - As a mother who had already gone through this experience, the last thing I wanted for my son is to have the same experience as I did. I wish when I was a teen, I had the opportunity to battle acne scars with laser treatments that could have the ability to get rid of the acne and acne scars. My son is truley blessed to even have the chance to eliminate his acne and walk through that prom door with his face held up high! The most difficult part was to find a Laser Treatment center with lots of experience, and knowledge on treating acne patients who are my sons age. Strategically, before I went into any laser Treatment center, I knew which treatments my son should have, what he shouldn't have, and what would be the best methods. I went into many "free consultations" and was very disappointed that I knew more then they did! Until, I found Dr. Rispler and his staff to have tremendous amount of experience and knowledge - but more importantly, the Doctor emphasized that we needed to use a combination of lasers to fight the acne, which was exactly the answers I was looking for. At first, my son was very embarrassed and hated the thought that he was getting "treatments" Even before his first treatment, Dr. Rispler made him feel so comfortable and made Derek feel like "he was not alone." The staff was very friendly, kind, and sincere. The price seemed high at first, but as a mother, I told myself no price is too high for my son. Now my perspective has changed again - simply put - you really do get what you pay for! My son is more handsome than ever! He is a knockout and the girls love him at school. He has even become more involved in his school activities ( Gee, I wonder why?!) I highly recommend Dr. Rispler for anybody!

Pros: Friendly Staff and Doctor is Great with Teens

Cons: Absolutely Nothing

My Acne Scars Are Gone I Love Doctor Rispler

10/14/2005 Posted by belltintin

I just have to say that I love my dermatologist, Doctor Rispler. When I walked in to my free consultation, the staff was so friendly. He quoted me a price that I thought was too high, but I did some more research and found that what he recommended was the right treatment at an affordable price. He told me that since it was early enough for me that I would experience better results. I should have signed up that day because he offered me a discount to sign up that day. It doesn't matter because the results were fantastic. I am soooo pleased and don't care anymore about the money I could have saved if I signed up immediately. He is great and he is just sooo honest. I like honest people because he says the things that sometimes you don't want to hear but gets the job done right.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Expert Knowledge, Honest

User Rating
by Eric A
Will make your self esteem higher.: Dr. Rispler is not only a very well educated person, he is also VERY good at what he does. I have been in to his office for numerous skin conditions in my earlier years. Everytime, he quickly diagnosed the problem and prescribed a course of action that worked in each case.

My first office vist to Dr. Rispler was when I had Mucha Haberman Disease. I had prefiously been to numerous Dr. offices who all ran many medical tests to see what my problem was, with no answer to what the problem was. The first time I saw Dr. Rispler, he walked up to me, introduced himself, and told me that I had Mucha Haberman Disease. This disease is a very rare skin disease that is cured with ultra violet light. Dr. Rispler to the rescue!

Many people have left negative comments about having to wait for long periods of time at Dr. Rispler's office, but hey, that is what happens when you have to treat hundreds of patients a day. For those that complained about Dr. Rispler offering laser treatment for their problems, of course he would suggest that; laser treatment is something that Dr. Rispler pioneered.

I would not hesitate at all to recommend ANYONE with a skin condition to Dr. Rispler.


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